BBA: Black Bar Association of Will County

About Us

“We are a network of African American lawyers, judges, law students, and law professors, providing access to resources designed to enhance and promote skill and expertise in the practice of law.” 

I am proud to be the President of the BBA, and I hope to build upon the work of my predecessors and deepen the organization’s involvement in the Will County legal community. Our organization has built a strong record of service in the community with regular pro bono legal services, seminars, and clinics. I will continue that record of service.

Although our organization is relatively young, we have made an impact in Will County in a variety of ways. From participating in local community affairs, partnering with other community groups, to advocacy in the areas of education and civil rights, BBA members have answered the call to serve. 

– Sincerely,

Rolonda Mitchell

Founding History

Founded: 2007

The Black Bar Association has worked diligently to carry out its mission, “To Seek Justice” in Will County. It is with great honor and privilege that we serve the communities of Will County.  The founding members met for the sole purpose of forming a bar association. This group consisted of extraordinarily accomplished lawyers with diverse legal and personal biographies.

Established: 2008

On January 24, an inaugural ceremony was held at the Will County Courthouse to celebrate the formation of the Black Bar Association of Will County. For nearly a decade preceding this historic event, African-American attorneys in the southwest suburbs of Chicago gathered from time to time, in social settings, to network with one another. Each time, the formation of a suburban Black Bar Association was discussed, but not realized until a group of energized, community-minded, young black lawyers answered the call to service.

Now: 2009 — Present

Since its inception, the Black Bar Association of Will County has worked diligently, through community outreach efforts, to provide free legal services for the disadvantaged, to promote advocacy about the needs of the local community, and to produce educational opportunities for the future generations of legal minds. In order to fund these efforts, the organization instituted a bi-annual Barrister’s Ball to serve as the signature event to raise funds and celebrate organizational successes with the entire community. The inaugural ball was held on February 7, 2009, with the theme An Evening of Firsts.


Mission Statement

To seek justice...


Mission 1

To promote and advocate for the integration of African Americans in all aspects of the study, practice adjudication, and instruction of the law.

Mission 2

To sponsor seminars and programs to provide continuing legal education.

Mission 3

To provide and assist in educational opportunities available to African American students in the study of the law and educational areas outside of the law, including endowment and scholarship opportunities.

Mission 4

To promote the importance of education as an economic lifeline.

Mission 5

To encourage increased cooperation and understanding between the legal community and the citizens it serves.

Mission 6

To educate and inform the public on matters of justice and equal opportunity in the study and practice of law.

Mission 7

To affiliate with other organizations to address community concerns outside the law.

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